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We are on a mission to disrupt the design & build industry with a focus and forte for outdoor living. Since 2019, Creative by Nature has supported the growth of select contractors across the US, from sales and design to pre-construction project management and content marketing.

Our vision is simple. Drive partner growth through innovative experiences. In a siloed industry, we are focused on bridging critical gaps that increase safety, productivity and overall profitability. Our on-going industry education allows us to influence this sector with the latest in design software and hardware advancements. From tech startups to education and construction, our group comes with a unique and diverse range of experience – necessary to take our partners to the next level.

Meet Our Co-Founders

After leading a local Seattle contractor together, Jonathan and Dan bring immense depth to contractors and partners – with backgrounds stemming from sales operations and technology to design and construction. Every new design gives an opportunity for us to collaborate and explore contractors and potential partners. The depth of our support extends to remote-project management, estimations, job costing, sales, back-office systems (BOS) and content creation. Whether you’re seeking to start off with a new design or looking to learn more, we would love to connect with you.

Jonathan Meas

Scaling startups from $0 to $30m, with a history in sales and technology, Jonathan brings an innovative approach to the design build industry.

Headshot of Jonathan

Jonathan Meas

Dan Conner

Coming from the hardscape world with a passion for designs that showcase the latest in materials and install methods. Dan’s experience spans across build firms ranging from $500k to $400m.

Headshot - Dan

Dan Conner

Innovative Designs

An Experience from Vision to Fruition

We are on the cusp of some major technology advancements for the construction sector. As a vision-forward company, we actively push the AR/VR experience for our clients and partners. Our ability to push this next evolution in design will shape the WOW factor experience they won’t find anywhere else. We’re constantly seeking new ways to increase immersion with accurate perspectives. 

Project Plans

Building Efficiencies Early

We bring a construction mindset to every design we approach. From construction alternatives that promote eco-friendly, sustainable opportunities to proper construction methods that drive field efficiencies and help maximize profitability. Our project plans and on-site design verification process plays a critical role in executing the construction. These accurate plans reduce change orders and the cost associated with project inefficiencies when entering the build phase.

Brand Storytelling

Driving Content & Connections

The maximum return with any construction investment happens when the Marketing and Content team have the opportunity to story-tell the experience, from beginning to end. It is this intention behind the brand that accelerates our partners. There is an incredible amount of planning, directing and post-processing that takes place in order to tell a cohesive storyline. Our content team is focused on bringing our partners a tailored, influential impact that ultimately drives brand loyalty.

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More about our story

Check out our Co-Founders Jonathan and Dan onstage live at the Techo-Bloc Summit. Dive into their stories and the mission we have for this industry and our partners. At Creative by Nature, we are intentional about disrupting the industry with methods and technology that heavily rely on education. We value curiosity and the opportunities that come with challenging the status quo. Click in and hear more about our story.

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